Holy Kirsten On A Cross

Research is for losers who lack the courage of their convictions

Won’t someone please pound the last nail in for Kirsten Powers as she martyrs herself in the name of the helpless Fetal-Americans?

Continuing in our series on Kirsten Powers: Obtuse MediaWhore-Wannabe or Insincere Opportunist? Kirsten still keeps changing the subject when it comes to her failure to do the decent thing and admit that she was talking out of her ass about the case of Biting Beaver:

It’s sad that this is seen as an act of bravery, but one only needs to check out a few of the liberal blog postings in response to my comments in this Vent to see how devoid the far left is of any of that famous liberal tolerance.

Perhaps a video is in order to illustrate an example of people talking about things they know nothing about:

Although the similarities are eerie, that wasn’t Kirsten in the video, but with a little effort, luck, and pluck, that could be her someday.

A girl’s gotta have a dream…

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