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Today on This Week the collective CW of Cokie, Sam and the Two Georges (which is worth about a thimblefull of actual wisdom) was that Nancy Pelosi may be the official GOP fall boogeyman, but what they really fear are the ranking members of Government Reform (Waxman), Judiciary (Conyers), Financial Services (Frank), Ways and Means (Rangel), and Appropriations (Obey).  They have all tenaciously sat there like vigilant dogs on the porches of their respective committees and are quite anxious to fulfill whatever public hunger for oversight might deliver the chairmanships into Democratic hands in November.

Meanwhile Barrons legitimizes the notion that the GOP will be winners in November because — well, they've got more money.  Druge disseminates it, and I heard it make its way into the chattering class this morning (Peter King on CNN said the GOP had given up on 12 House seats, but they had the financial advantage).  Well that certainly makes sense.  Republicans are, after all, no stranger to buying elections.

Update:  Per cbl in the comments, we find this at Booman:

The Democrats in the House have been out of power for 12 years. Many of their more moderate members have been beaten, as the GOP has come to dominate the south. As a result, many of the most liberal members of the House have risen to the position of Ranking Member.

Per the Progressive Punch system of ranking the most progressive members, Frank is #28, Conyers #21, Rangel #46, Waxman #35 and Obey #69.  

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