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Ted stops by the HuffPo:

Robert Greenwald's new film, Iraq for Sale, shows how the Bush Administration has been outsourcing this war to corporate America – and how that effort has been mismanaged. His film is a convincing indictment of the Administration's decision to give multi-billion dollar sweetheart deals that have lined contractor's pockets while failing to meet the basic needs of our soldiers. All Americans should be asking how the Bush Administration could have allowed contractors to fail to provide our soldiers with safe food and drinking water.


Sadly, the Republicans in Congress have been complicit in this incompetence and mismanagement. They have failed to exercise their oversight responsibilities and demand better for our men and women in uniform. The Republicans must be held accountable for their incompetence. But in November, the American people have a chance to make a change and put an end to these back-room deals. Greenwald's film is a poignant reminder of why this election is so important and why America needs a new course and a new direction in Iraq.

It makes me very happy that our leaders are not only discussing this problem, but that the Clintonian "let's all just find a way to move forward together" notion of triangulating forgiveness is not taking hold.  The kleptocratic zombies just keep coming back, generation after generation, plunging us into global chaos with their fickle, puerile visions of international diplomacy that always seems to result in other people dying and them getting rich.

If you haven't seen it yet, take a cue from Teddy and find your way to one of the many groundbreaking independent screenings that are happening all over the country.  Or better yet, host one yourself.  (You can also order the DVD here).We're going to be discussing this a lot in the future, and as those who have seen it can attest, it's a powerful cinematic expression of something that will make your blood boil, no matter what your political orientation.  A new Newsweek poll show that "58 percent want investigating government contracts in Iraq to be a top priority," and we're going to be fanning these flames a lot in the upcoming weeks and months.

Update:  An Angry Old Broad has an interesting idea

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