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Some heartening news, for a change

‘Bean, formerly a regular contributor to Julien’s List, is a Cranky-and-Irritable member of the Democratic arm of the Democratic Party. An anti DINO (Democrat In Name Only) member of the New York Liberal Citizenry, he and his life-partner Eric share a home in a Rochester, New York where ‘Bean cooks like phrenetic Jewish Mother and Eric gardens his skinny butt into oblivion. Given Eric and ‘Bean’s green tendencies, we thought to share this promising, if perhaps “not useful today” news with you.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Apparently, Blogger is still having some issues. If you want to see the imbedded images relevant to this post, just click towards the top of the empty frames in the post. The images (including the groovy-looking green machine) will open in an independent window when you do.

Apparently, the recent “green” films (Who Killed the Electric Car and An Inconvenient Truth)are faring pretty well in public eyes.

In a way I am surprised by this news – and, in a way, I am not.

I am surprised because we, as a society, like our petroleum-derived, throw-away plastic packaging. We, as a society, promoted the Luxury SUV not as a specialty vehicle for, say, madly-rich-out-of-all-sense farmers and ranchers. We promoted the Luxury SUV as a “reasonable and roomy alternative” to the midsized car. We like to run the air conditioning instead of opening windows. We have been known to waste in the extreme, as illustrated by the rather-famous cases of both the late Richard Nixon and the current Ahhhh-nuld Schwartz-an-egger, both notorious for cranking the air as cold as possible to allow for the pleasing aesthetic of a crackling hearth . . . during sweltering August heat.

I am not surprised, at the same time, because, as any news-junkie knows, the side-effects of Global Warming are growing patently visible. This is no longer a debate about “if global warming is even real.” Even many of the nay-sayers, most recently Pat Robertson, have changed their tunes. Rising sea-levels, flooding in some areas, drought in others (happening right now) and the subsequent, predicted food shortages – seemingly on the horizon – can put the “Fear of God” in anyone; even those who claim to understand All His Ways because The Great and Holy Batphone that rings into His Office is hardwired into Robertson’s den (or so it seems Robertson would have all of us believe).

And yet, Robertson has embraced the idea that Global Warming is a bad thing. While I dislike the man, I respect his change of heart given the data and his own experience – something I, a liberal gay guy who converted to Judaism NEVER thought I would say about the likes of Robertson.

But, even in this twisted culture – a culture where (1) loathing knowledge, science, skill, “intellectualism,” and ability BUT ACTUALLY RESPECTING (2) “belief,” Churches of Hate, The Dollar, and All Things Material – I see moments of hope beyond Robertson’s environmental conversion.

Granted, this particular hope happens to have a foot in both (1) and (2), above. But in BushWorld, I’ll take whatever hope I can get.

Meet the new, 2007 Tesla Roadster, the world’s first, true, balls-to-the-wall, zero-emissions, fast-as-the-dickens, long-range, high-performance, utterly-sexed-out, totally-electric sports car.

That’s right: a real, live, high-speed, stylish, green-machine. The car Detroit said nobody could build . . . and nobody would buy.

There is a downside to the car: it’s about $100,000. The upside is, given the “mad-hot, mad-fast, mad-sexy-as-hell” factor with this particular green-machine, the first allotment of 2007 Tesla Roadsters has already completely sold out before hitting a dealership showroom: if you want one and really can afford it, you have to wait for the next build cycle.

Given the Tesla Roadster manages equivalent carbon emissions and energy use averaging to an overall value that, in gasoline terms, is about 125 miles per gallon (for the nay-sayers who claim “electric cars pollute just as much as gasoline cars”) and only costs about one cent per mile to operate, I think Tesla Motors (a cooperative project between some wealthy California gearheads and British performance carmaker Lotus) may just have the answer. Granted that “answer” currently only applies to very RICH liberals.

If you want to visit the official Tesla Motors website, click here. The site has more information and some really stunning photos of the mean-green-machine.

If you would like to see the wealthy California gearheads interviewed and the car in-action on you-tube, click here. The in-action video includes the Roadster tooling around, funky electric, turbine-like whine included.

If you would like to read the Wikipedia entry about Tesla Motors and the Lotus-bodied Tesla Roadster, click here.

If you want to see the Tesla Roadster debut at the Pebble Beach Concours, courtesy of MSN, click here.

Here’s hoping that in ten years or less, we lowly folk can find affordable electric vehicles as nice as the Lotus-built Tesla.

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