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Iran, Islam, and gays: openness equals death, but relief in Europe is possible.

This will be my last post for today – and I just want everyone (and Pam, especially) to know how very much I enjoyed one day’s worth of blogging!

Because of my own unusual ethnic background (Persian – what is today Iran and Iraq), I have gone ’round and ’round a few times with my fellow liberals about the whole “Islam” versus “Other religions” issue as well as “Islamic nations” versus “Israel” issue a number of times. In so doing, I have shared some images with Pam and others – images smuggled out of some Middle Eastern countries – showing exactly what it means to be remotely open about one’s orientation in Islamic nations.

The most gruesome image I have seen is one where family members flayed the flesh off off their own son, executed by the state via a bullet to the head, for “Crimes Against Islam.” The goal of such an action? Protecting family “honor” by making it impossible to identify the young man’s remains. I don’t mean just peeling the skin off the body – I mean stripping the skull down to the bone. The picture, which I am not posting here at this time, shows clearly-visible, heme-rich tissue still sticking to the bones of the skull and cervical spine . . . and the eyes are still resting in the sockets. But the bulk of the tissue on the young man’s face and neck is utterly stripped away.

Given the harsh reality of being a gay person in a Muslim country, I was immensely pleased to see this article on Yahoo News: clicking anywhere on this paragraph will take you to that article and, perhaps, give you a bit of hope for our future as GLBT folks in the world.

The Advocate is running a similar article on this heart-warming development.

Have a great week – and thanks for being such great guests!

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