Intolerant of intolerance

C’mon. Make some babies for us.
That’s why you’re here.

Kirsten Powers slaps the “typical pro-choice intolerance” label on me because I accused her and her Vent With A View gal pals of being sloppy, glib, and dismissive when discussing Biting Beaver’s attempts to get EC and her subsequent decision to have an abortion; instead choosing to demonize BB for getting her slutty-self knocked up. After Malkin designates BB as a “victim” while applying the snide airquotes around it (something Barber does later with “feminist”) Powers’ herself admits that she doesn’t know why this whole situation came about so she turns to the ever-accurate La Shawn Barber who calls the whole thing “convoluted” and then misrepresents what happened by claiming it was all about the refusal to provide “medical information”. From this thinnest of premises they make the leap to all “pregnancy centers are good and loving and feminist” as opposed to the evil Planned Parenthood Fetal Babygrinder.

This isn’t being intolerant of their views on abortion. This is being intolerant over their refusal to do the basic minimal amount of research on their topic before launching into their tsk-tsk fest. Powers seems to think she is above such drudgery because she paid her dues in a training course at a pregnancy center some time back where she learned compassion towards women; the same compassion that she seemed unable to muster for BB. Oh, my mistake, she did pray for her.

That and $3 will get you a latte.

But this shouldn’t be too surprising. The purpose of these “Hey, let’s dress up and put on a show” Vents is to provide a spectrum of viewpoints all the way from A to A and-a-half, with each woman representing a demographic; Barber ( TheoAmerican Bluenoses), Powers (Faux Concerned Liberals), Malkin (Bedlamites), and Ham (mallrats) while pretending that there is some kind of serious debate going on amidst the giggling and hair-flipping.

The specific purpose of this edition of Girls Gone Mild is to demonize “so-called feminists” and Planned Parenthood because it should be obvious to all that these people live to dispense death to babies while promoting free-loving skankism. And if there are reports of fundamentalist groups setting up deceptive pregnancy centers, and advertising in the phonebooks and on websites under abortion, well they deplore it and, if forced, will supply a stern finger-shaking at them but by god it’s better than those cold-blooded baby-murdering bitches over at Planned Parenthood.

A word to the wise: Beware of the fake “You go girl…” when it is followed by “straight to hell, you whore” in their hearts.

(Added): See Amanda for more on the Casters of Shame. Also, some edits have been made above for clarity… all evidence to the contrary.

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