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It's a cornucopia of goodness this morning.  I asked for some ideas for Pull Up A Chair from the community yesterday, and you guys really delivered. 

With all of the election talk and get out the vote operations and campaign work…who has time to cook?  Well, you do, if you have a few minutes to throw some ingredients in a crockpot and turn it on for a few hours.  The beauty of this amazing little appliance is that it works its food magic all by itself after that, and you get to arrive back home after toiling through the snow or rain or dusty heat or…well, or whatever.  Who cares, you get a fully cooked meal after only a few minutes of food prep and adding a little liquid.  (Thanks to KathieinMN and Mommybrain for suggesting this as a topic.)

Curious in Central Texas also e-mailed yesterday to add that some suggestions and recipes for food to bring along for phone banking or for after canvassing would be really helpful about now.  And was wondering if anyone had suggestions for election night food as well. 

Kristinejoy was also looking for some Halloween ideas.  No fair saying we should all dress up like the Constitution being stuck through a shredder.  Alas, that's been done.  (But I did see an adorable idea for a costume on the Today Show yesterday involving a clear dome umbrella, some strips of packing bubble wrap glued to the inside of the umbrella and hanging down, and a little cellophane taped to your child's clothing.  Voila!  Your child is a jellyfish!)

Finally, Scarecrow e-mailed to ask if we could do a read-around on the best articles that folks had read around the blogosphere this week.  News is flying fast and furious, and it's tough to keep up for everyone.  If the favorite article is on a blog that offers Spotlight, then perhaps we could all send some ideas out into the media universe and see if we can get a little coverage mojo going.  What say you?

Coffee is brewing…pull up a chair…

Some great crockpot recipe websites:

Rival Crockpots


Fatfree Vegetarian Archive

And for parties, appetizers and just great recipes, try the Food Network website.

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