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Out Of The Blue…America, That Is

Joe Sestak has had enough crap from Crazy Curt Weldon, whose level of desperation is matched only by the foul smell emanating from his campaign tactics.  The above YouTube is Sestak's latest advertisement — that's what I like to call some serious ass pushback.  Good for Sestak!  (H/T to Bob Geiger, who also has some great Saturday cartoons for everyone.)

The DNC has a similar hit-back ad, this one premised on the Bush mantra of "I'm a man of my word."  Ha — not so much in reality.  It's pretty effective, I think, and worth a viewing. 

At his blog, Spazeboy has some fantastic footage snagged from the rally with Howard Dean in Hartford yesterday — including tape of Ned Lamont and gubernatorial candidate John DeStefano and Congressional candidate Chris Murphy.   (And speaking of Chris Murphy, Colin McEnroe reports that the Hartford Courant will be endorsing all five Democratic candidates for Congress tomorrow.  HUGE news.)

The NYTimes dares to use the words "guarded optimism" and "Democrats" in the same article.  Frankly, that just makes me nervous and makes me want to do more GOTV work.  How about you?

There is a lot more news about a lot more candidates out there — who is your favorite candidate at the moment?  Who is getting your efforts on their behalf?  What is motivating you to help get out the vote?  If you have a fiver to spare, we are still working on a donation drive for our Blue America candidates — it is crunch time, and every dollar counts for them.  Please be a part of a Blue America victory in November — we need your help to get there!

In case you missed it, we had a great chat with Kirsten Gillibrand today.  Please consider donating a little campaign cash to her — every $20 for her district gets 20 bumper stickers or 7 more yard signs.  And it gets her that much closer to a victory in November — Kirsten could use your help!

Had enough?  Vote for Democrats…because America needs accountability, and we need it now.

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Christy Hardin Smith

Christy Hardin Smith

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