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Intersexed Bass And … More Intersexed Children?

[Autumn Sandeen]

From Recent discovery of ‘intersexed’ bass raises new environmental fears:

Ten years after Congress ordered the Environmental Protection Agency to develop tests to see if pesticides could be disrupting human hormone functions, no chemical has been tested under the program.

The EPA has not even decided which pesticides will be tested first.

Scientists fear that by mimicking, blocking or otherwise altering the activity of natural hormones such as estrogen and testosterone, pesticides and other substances may pose subtle threats not only to animals but to humans as well.

Earlier discoveries have linked the presence of endocrine disrupters to genital deformities in alligators and endangered panthers in Florida, polar bears in Alaska, river otters in Oregon, barn swallows in Louisiana, loons in Maine and other creatures.

Eric Vilain, chief of medical genetics at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, stated in the article Gender Blender: Intersexual? Transsexual? Male, female aren’t so easy to define:

Intersexuality is defined as the presence of “ambiguous genitalia,” making it impossible to tell easily whether the newborn baby is a boy or a girl. It occurs at a frequency of 1 in 4,000 births.

Anyone want to take the bet against there being more intersexed childern in the next generation? — And what will be the effect of that on the next generation’s “same sex marriage” debate?

Autumn Sandeen is the Transgender American Veterans Association (TAVA) secretary, a Transgender Advocacy And Services Center (TASC) of San Diego Planning Group Member, and is a contributing author for the Ex-Gay Watch.

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Autumn Sandeen

Autumn Sandeen