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Dinesh D'Souza would be right at home with these guys.

Jill here, from Brilliant at Breakfast here. I’m thrilled, humbled, and honored to be asked to guestblog at one of the blogs I respect most. I can only hope to do the privilege justice.

Those not familiar with my blog know that I’m what I think of as a lapsed Jew. Raised in an only marginally observant at most family, I don’t observe any holidays, don’t attend synagogue, I don’t even like lox. The extent of my “Jewishness” is limited to a refusal to “try to pass”, figuring that my grandparents didn’t go through pogroms in Poland and Hitler’s camps so that I could pretend to be something I’m not, despite the fact that I am now going through adulthood with an Italian last name.

This is all by way of explaining that this post adheres to the “It’s OK to knock your own team” rule, and to provide context to what I’m going to call a “shandeh far di gayim”. “Shandeh far di goyim” is a Yiddish expression meaning “a disgrace, shame, embarrassment, in front of the gentiles”. It was uttered by Abbie Hoffman to Judge Julius Hoffman (no relation) during the Chicago 7 trial which followed the Democratic Convention in 1968. I’ve chosen to change this expression by “Yinglishizing” it as a way of expressing my disgust and outrage at the response of those ultra-Orthodox Jews in Israel who protested in Sabbath Square in Jerusalem earlier this week about holding the 2006 gay pride parade in the city:

“The war in the north broke out as soon as the parade was announced,” a Mea Shearim resident told Ynet.

The parade was canceled due to the war, but gay rights groups acted to set another date for the parade since the fighting has ceased.

“Rabbis are fearful of another war,” the haredi said, adding that a special request has been forwarded to Diaspora Jews “so they too would protest and act for the preservation of Jerusalem’s sanctity.”

Rabbi Moshe Sternbuch, the head of the Eda Haredit rabbinic court, said during the rally, “We did not succeed in Lebanon due to the obscenity and promiscuity in the Holy Land.”

The rabbi quoted Rabbi Wasserman, who said during the Holocaust that “Zionism has destroyed the Land of Israel’s sanctity; this is how the troubles of the Shoah began, and this is why we must act to wend the promiscuity.

“There is no greater disturbance than the disgraceful parade,” Rabbi Sternbuch said.

Is there anything more repulsive than a group of people, living in a country that was formed after WWII as a means of assuaging the guilt of the U.S. and Europe over its failure to respond while millions of Jews were being gassed in Hitler’s concentration camps, using the same hyperbolic language against gays, who were ALSO rounded up and gassed by the Third Reich?

For all that I rail against the tiptoeing into the waters of anti-Semitism that I see in some progressive blogs where Israel is concerned, this kind of ignorant, bigoted behavior reinforces what I’ve been saying for years: that we do not prevent another Jewish holocaust by acting like Nazis.

My larger view on Israel is that there is plenty of blame to go around, and frankly, when dealing with squabbling children, sometimes you don’t want justice — you want quiet (cf: Bill Cosby). But this post is not to get into arguments about Israel vs. Palestine, which are too large and too contentious to really accomplish much.

But to blame the recent battles with Lebanon on a gay pride parade is just too much. When Israelis, even if it’s only the most Orthodox fringe, are choosing to blame gays instead of Hezbollah for the recent violence, something is terribly, terribly wrong.

Dinesh D’Souza’s new book. The Enemy at Home: The Cultural Left and Its Responsibility for 9/11, posits the notion that if we would only run our country more like the way the Taliban and other Islamists in the Middle East ran theirs, particularly where sexual behavior is concerned, those two lovely towers in lower Manhattan would still be standing, Heath Ledger would still be that blond guy who was in A Knight’s Tale, There would be no such thing as Project Runway, and those pain-in-the ass women from Jersey would still be in the kitchen where they belong.

James Wolcott deconstructs here and here, and posts the following excerpt from D’Souza’s book:

“The left would like to have Mapplethorpe’s photographs and Brokeback Mountain seen in every country. In short, the left wants America to be a shining beacon of depravity, a kind of Gomorrah on a hill.”

So gee, doesn’t that mean that these ultra-Orthodox are not only right in tune with D’Souza, but also with the Islamists who claim to be their enemy? Then why the hell are they fighting?

This kind of scapegoating and blamemongering is no more attractive when it’s done by people who shame the names of the millions of Jews and gays who died in Hitler’s camps with their tactics as it is when done by the original perpetrators of the crime.

I say march away. If the Orthodox don’t like it, let them stay home that day.

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