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[Miss Wild Thing, guest blogger.]

So while I have this cyber soapbox, I thought I would mention a couple of great guys who are running for local office here in the Santa Clara Valley.

Both are openly gay men, Evan Low and Clark Williams. Both have been endorsed by the Victory Fund.

Evan is running for Campbell City Council. His web site is here. I have been doing really glamorous work for him like helping with mailings. He is running in a city that is much more conservative than the rest of the Valley. Lately he has been getting hit by a number of snarky pieces in the small weekly press.

Clark is running for San Jose City Council for a seat that has been held for the last six years by another openly gay man. Here is Clark’s web site. I have been helping with his campaign with computer input, mailings and various odd jobs. Ah yes, campaigns are so glittery it is a wonder more people don’t do more of it.

One more thing. I got my Curve magazine today and there is a lovely picture and great article about our own Pam Spaulding. I know she mentioned it before here but it is nice to see her in print and recognized for the important work she is doing here. The article on Pam isn’t up yet on the electronic version but I am sure it will be there soon.

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