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Can't stop!

[I can’t stop!.]

OOOOH, I’m gonna tell momma!

Here’s an update on the Republican Vietnamese immigrant who is running against Democratic incumbent Loretta Sanchez in Orange county, California. You may recall that he has been accused of sending out intimidating letters to voters with Latino last names, um, like me. The letters, written in Spanish, say that they could be arrested if they try to vote.

The California Attorney General is in the house and is going through his office, computer, files and garbage looking for evidence that the candidate was responsible for this incredibly moronic letter. What, did he think my folks wouldn’t say anything? We are really big gossips and somebody tries to mess with us like that, we’ll all be talking crap about it. He is not going to last the weekend after the Rethugs in Orange county disowned him. No, really, they disowned him.

Too bad, sucka. This is what you get for not playing nice. Now take your Barbies and go home.

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