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Bitch Fight!

[Miss Wild Thing.] I see a major league bitch fight coming up in DC soon. Not the Congressional elections although I am feeling as though the asthma attack of the last 6 years is finally endng. No, this one involves Senator Tom Coburn and Paul Kawata, E.D of the National Minority Council (NMAC).

According to the Blade, Senator Coburn wants to know why the annual conference that NMAC puts on, the US Conference on AIDS, spends so much money for this conference. And why did Paul K get a giant suite looking over Miami Beach, complete with a baby grand piano and whirlpool bathtub.

Please, the list is long why the hotel would have given him a suite like that. Apparently the Senator is not familiar with this type of quid pro quo – bring in a ton of guests and you get free luxury rooms. Isn’t he is a Republican, and familiar with golf trips to St. Andrews golf course in Scotland, the most prestigious course in the world? Or wait, how about trading contracts for money to buy antiques? How about bribery in his party for which at least two members are going to or are in jail. Noooo, the government needs to spend time investigating why Paul Kawata had a baby grand piano and a view of the ocean.

Yeah well maybe the Dems can let him have the same basement room we were forced to use for hearings this year. In the meantime, people are still dying of AIDS.

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