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[Miss Wild Thing here again.]

In perusing the Washington Blade, I saw what looked like a hopeful article about the homosexual agenda post-November 7. Barney Frank would become chairman of the Financial Services Committee among other changes in the forecast. Barney is now the ranking Democrat on that committee so he would become the chair.

However, while reading the article I couldn’t help but notice the lack of diversity among the people interviewed. All white, almost all men with the one exception, HRC’s straight woman.

So what about the rest of us? Is my hope for the future included in those discussions and plans? How about addressing all those gay bashings of African American and Latino men in New York? How about immigration legislation that doesn’t make immigrants into the identified problem of the day? And could we deal with some lesbian health issues?

As long as the landscape remains blindingly white, there is continually a message of who is in charge and who gets to make the decisions. That is why I am eternally grateful for Pam opening up this space for more people of color to be able to make our observations, together. We are just the messengers, expressing sentiment we have heard and shared for decades.

I must give a shout out, too, to my brother Andres Duque in Nueva York for his help in the blogoshpere and continual good mood to my raving lunacy. You can find him here.

I feel like we all want social justice in our lifetimes, we just get there on different paths.

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