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So. Baptist Theological Seminary President: A person can't be Christian and Transgender

Southern Baptist Theological Seminary President Albert Moher has spoken on behalf of God regarding gender confusion (one of the conservative religious organizations watchwords for transgender people):

Christians must look to persons struggling with what the therapeutic community now calls “gender dysphoria” with genuine compassion. This has to be an excruciating struggle. Nevertheless, we cannot accept the assumptions that support this concept of gender, sex, and the self. These assumptions are antithetical to the biblical worldview, and can only be explained by a deep rejection of God’s gift of sex and gender — a gift that is for His glory and for our good.

Per Timothy Kincaid (a contributing author to the Ex-Gay Watch) in a recent The Advocate article:

…the most damaging and difficult lie of all is that you cannot be gay and Christian.

I believe it’s also a damaging and difficult lie to say that one cannot be transgender and Christian.

Autumn Sandeen is the Transgender American Veterans Association (TAVA) Secretary, a Transgender Advocacy And Services Center (TASC) of San Diego Planning Group Member, and is a contributing author for the Ex-Gay Watch.

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Autumn Sandeen

Autumn Sandeen