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Now serving the next Blend customer is…

…a nice, varied assortment of talented folks who volunteered to guest post here at the Blend while I am out of town starting tomorrow AM.

I’ll return to the coffeehouse next Thursday.

Serving up fresh Blend until that time:

Thurs 10/19
AM: Konagod
PM: Nancy Goldstein
PM: Jay Lassiter (Lassiter Space)

Fri 10/20
AM: Terrance Heath (Republic of T.)
PM: Gloria Nieto (Miss Wild Thing)

Sat 10/21
AM: Jill Cozzi (Brilliant at Breakfast)
PM: Autumn Sandeen (Ex-Gay Watch)

Sun 10/22
AM: Mobeen Shirazi (Julien’s List)
PM: Callie Leousis (Red State Exile)

Mon 10/23
AM: Kathy McMullen (Birmingham Blues)
PM: Dark Wraith (Dark Wraith Forums)

Tues 10/24
AM: Daimeon Pilcher (Get the Skinny)
PM: Katie McKy (Holly Capote)

Wed 10/25
AM: Paul Barwick (Paul’s Rants)
PM: Fritz Liess (On the Fritz)


Many thanks in advance to the folks above!

If all goes well, I may try this experiment again during the holidays, so other Blenders may get a shot if you drop me a line.

In the AM I am off to NYC to visit family and to attend my 25th HS reunion on Saturday (Stuyvesant HS), and a business trip in exciting Parsippany, NJ. Not feeling much like traveling, given Tonka’s passing, but off I go.

It’s unlikely that I’ll be online until late Sunday, so anyone expecting an email response is SOL. Apologies.

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