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Ned and Alan Go For the Gold

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(dab adds in the comments:  live feed to the debate now

At first glance they were the odd couple.  Ned, the successful businessman and pragmatic progressive who had united grassroots constituents behind him with the help of innovative technology and online media.  Alan, the blue collar guy who didn't like illegal immigrants much but sure enjoyed blackjack and the broads. What did they have in common?

Well for one thing, they had both won their parties' nominations for the Connecticut Senate race fair and square.   And their respecive Senatorial Campaign Committees were much more interested in seeing the Lieberman4Lieberman candidate elected then they were in following their own organizational mandates and supporting the party candidate.  But what finally united them was a desire to call Joe Lieberman on his ever-shifting political positions as he tried to run first as a Democrat, and then as a Republican.  They came together to tell him to get out of their damn yards.

Tonight the debate is being broadcast on Channel 3 in Connecticut.  Ned's campaign manager, Tom Swan, sent this letter today:

Four days.  Two debates.  One brand new race.  

As Ned's message of change at home and abroad continues to resonate with the people of Connecticut, Joe Lieberman finds himself locked in a partisan Republican primary with Alan Schlesinger.

This after already losing the Democratic primary in August.

The candidates met yesterday for the second time in three days, but the debate won't air on television until tonight.

Click the link to view the video clips and pictures of Ned's victory before anyone else.

After we beat Joe Lieberman the first time, Dick Cheney and an army of well-connected Republican D.C. lobbyists decided to roll over for George Bush's favorite "independent."

After all, the president has no greater ally than Joe Lieberman in the effort to privatize social security and continue the war in Iraq.

Unfortunately for them, someone forgot to tell their party's nominee, Alan Schlesinger.

Get the behind-the-scenes look at Ned's best performance to date, before it hits television tonight at 7pm on WFSB-3 and on C-SPAN in the coming days.

It's less than three weeks until election day.

While Alan and Joe duke it out for the Republican vote, Ned's mainstream plan for change in Iraq, universal health care and energy independence is gaining momentum surpassing the frenzy that accompanied the primary campaign.

Can you pledge to volunteer some time down the stretch? We need you now.

Rock the boat,

Tom Swan
Campaign Manager, Ned Lamont for U.S. Senate

This is getting to be too much fun. 

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