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Limbaugh and Lieberman: BFFs


From Atrios:

According to reader b, Limbaugh just said that Lieberman is "seething inside" and has "payback in mind" for the Democrats if he wins.

I'll let others speculate as to how "Pills" Limbaugh has all this special insight into his good friend Joe Lieberman, or who told him to start running his mouth on Lieberman's behalf.  All I want to know is this — Democratic leaders like Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer may make pale endorsements of Lamont as the Democratic candidate, but they don't have the stones to say that Joe Lieberman is not running as a Democrat and that his actions are bad for the party and he hurts Democratic chances to take both the House and the Senate in the fall.  The CW on this one seems to be they don't want to piss off Joe and drive him into the arms of the Republicans, so they take him at his word that he will caucus with them if they just STFU.

Let's say Limbaugh is right, and once again, Joe punks them like he did Reid and Hillary Clinton when he got their letters of support by promising he wouldn't leave the party and make an indy run (and we all know how well that worked out).  Seriously, this strategy to let Joe make the entire party leadership look like a bunch of eunuchs in exchange for some worthless guarantee has no internal logic to it.  

If these people haven't really gotten behind Lamont (and they most certainly haven't) and what many of us (and Rush) feel would be Lieberman's petulant retaliation comes to pass — he splits and turns control of the Senate over to the GOP anyway — do they really think people are going to shrug their shoulders and just forget that they stood by and let this happen?  That they showed such apallingly bad judgment in the situation?  Because I really can't see that happening.  I just can't imagine that the price exacted for letting Joe trash the party and the country like that would be anything less than horrific.

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