My Dinner With Dick

These ought to be interesting:

A federal judge is ordering the Bush administration to release information about who visited Dick Cheney’s home and office — and fulfill a request from The Washington Post that was refused by the Secret Service. The request is an effort to determine how much access lobbyists had to the vice president?

Government attorneys call it “a fishing expedition” and argue that they need to protect “the effective functioning of the vice presidency.”

An earlier lawsuit over similar records revealed that key figures in a federal lobbying investigation landed more than 100 meetings inside the Bush White House.

The judge says the new request has to be honored by the end of next week, or at very least the Secret Service has to identify the records and explain why they’re being withheld.

The “functioning of the vice presidency’ shouldn’t be impaired by the disclosure. Just give us the names and we’ll fill in the blanks and the narrative by invoking Noonan’s Law:

Is it irresponsible to speculate? It is irresponsible not to.

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