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Why Are Pete Hoekstra’s Knickers in a Twist?

Laura Rozen has been cataloging the back and forth between Jane Harman and Pete Hoekstra. First, Jane Harman unilaterally released the executive summary of the report on how Duke Cunningham executed his graft (a fair response, I think, to all the clear propaganda they’ve got Fred Fleitz churning out over there). Then, Pete Hoekstra got wee bit upset with her for having done so.

Today the committee’s Ranking Member, Jane Harman, unilaterally andwithout the consent and authority of the full committee, released aninterim, internal report by the committee’s independent counsel intothe actions of former Congressman Randy "Duke" Cunningham.

Cunningham’s actions to enrich himself as a Member of Congress arereprehensible, but it is reassuring that the committee’s independentcounsel has found no instances of wrongdoing on the part of othercommittee Members or the committee’s staff.

That said, the unilateral decision by Harman to break ourbipartisan, written agreement to review the Cunningham matter byreleasing an incomplete, internal committee document that has not beenreviewed by the other committee Members is disturbing and beyond thepale.

Beyond the pale!! Those are fighting words. But then, when you read the report, it’s not clear what Hoekstra is so upset about.

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