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The General asks: 'What's the matter with Idaho?'

And he sends a letter to “Radical” Russ‘s favorite chickadee, Brandi Swindell, founder of Generation Life and co-chair, Keep the Commandments Coalition of Idaho. He brings up Senator Larry Craig as only Jesus’ General can:

And then there are the reports that Sen. Larry Craig is homosexual. I don’t believe a word of it. Sure, maybe it’s true that some guy put his little soldier into the senator’s mouth a couple of times in train station restrooms, but that doesn’t mean Craig’s a homosexual.

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Being a woman, you might not know this, but that kind of thing happens all of the time to good, Godly, heterosexual men, sometimes as often as four or five times a week. You’ll be crawling on the restroom floor, looking for something you dropped when you had your pants down and, bam, somebody will accidentally stick his little soldier into your mouth. Of course, you’ll naturally mistake it for a cigar and puff on it for awhile before it starts to taste funny, but it’s all very innocent. I’m sure that’s what happened to Sen. Craig.

Oh, I’m laughing so hard it hurts…

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