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More fundies go ape over Condi's affirmation of AIDS coordinator's partner

“I think it’s a tragedy to have a sodomite living with another man and being the AIDS coordinator, because we all know that if we do away with sodomy we’d almost eradicate AIDS.”
— Pastor Wiley Drake, second VP of the Southern Baptist Convention

It’s like the dam broke, and the bible beaters are riding the wave, trying to drown each other out over Condi’s remarks at the swearing-in ceremony of Dr. Mark Dybul as the Global AIDS coordinator, acknowledging his partner and mother-in-law (see my earlier post for Freeper commentary). AgapePress has collected some more wailling about this.

Drake is convinced that the GOP is alienating evangelical Christians, the party’s core support group, by making overtures intended to attract homosexual voters.

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“Even as second vice president, I can’t speak for the [Southern Baptist] Convention,” the long-time Baptist concedes. “But I certainly … believe most Baptists would be like me; they would be appalled at what Condoleezza Rice has done, and in general [with] what the Republican Party is doing with things like Log Cabin Republicans and other sodomites [in] trying to get their vote.”

The Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins sees a conspiracy afoot — an intentional slight against evangelical bigots — ya think?

One Capitol Hill observer is suggesting that Secretary Rice’s comment can be assumed to be intentional because, as he puts it, “the U.S. State Department is in the business of diplomacy and avoiding faux pas.” And in the “world of protocol,” says Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council, “verbal miscues are anathema.”

“The question arises,” states Perkins, “what guidelines to the State Department and the White House follow? Neither federal law (the Defense of Marriage Act) nor District of Columbia law recognizes a marriage between Dr. Dybul and his partner.” That said, notes Perkins, Secretary Rice’s comment is not only “morally provocative” but also “linguistically improper.”

WingNutDaily rounds up more seething commentary in its piece, “Rice’s approving ‘gay’ remarks rankle GOP base.”

The Foley scandal has highlighted the number of homosexual staffers working for Republican lawmakers, USA Today noted, causing some family advocates to wonder if this influence has anything to do with the party’s lack of action on conservative social issues.

The Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins framed the question this way: “Has the social agenda of the GOP been stalled by homosexual members or staffers?”

Dybul is the nation’s third openly homosexual ambassador, Agape Press noted, pointing out that in all three cases the homosexual partners held the Bible on which the oath of office was taken.

As I said above, I’ve already trolled through Freeperland’s swamp, but these folks can’t stop jawboning about it. There have been four different threads of hand-wringing. I couldn’t resist putting in a few more…

Actual Freeper Quotesâ„?

Who’s saying they shouldn’t be treated with respect? But talking about “mother in laws” is more than respect, it’s kowtowing.

Suppose you knew someone with a bestiality fetish. Naturally such a person deserves the respect that every human being is due. But his mental illness/dysfunction is not respectable. The same thing goes for any sexual deviant. Sounds like Rice and Mrs Bush are going out of their way to be supportive of the “gay” agenda, and this does not go over well with actual conservatives.

It’s time for a new American Nationalist Party, where we can focus on securing the rights of european americans and Christians.

[And I think we’ve found an “ex-gay Freeper…]

It is political activist “gays” that gave turned what should be a private sexual matter into a political issue by:

1. stopping the psychiatric treatment of homosexuality, convincing people that it is not a problem of psychological development (the best definition possible), that it cannot be treated, thereby leading thousands of young men to their deaths

2. spreading the ridiculous falsehood that homosexuality is “biological” or “genetic”

3. forcing the agenda of “gay” marriage unto the public.

This is an issue that is going to affect the very foundation of our society. Soon “gay” marriage will become a reality putting the final nail in the coffin of the american family (if everything is marriage then nothing is marriage); thousands of young people are going to die of AIDS because they believe they have no choice but to be “gay”; it is not trivial.

Like it or not it is a HISTORICAL FACT that the “Gay” population was the breeding ground for the spread of AIDS in this country. And homosexual sex is still the most common way by which the virus is spread in the United States.

Conservatives should be concerned about fostering a society that upholds traditional values. Who else will speak up for Western Civilization and the family? The Mainstream Media?

I have seen the “Gay” life more up close and personal than you ever will. Fortunately, I got out of it with my health intact. We need more people like Little Jeremiah; it’s people like Little Jeremiah who were willing to speak the truth who saved my life.

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