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Michael Steele's bad unreal campaign strategy

Whoever is advising Michael Steele needs to hang it up…now.

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Actual caption: Former Heavyweight Champion Mike Tyson proudly displays a shirt bearing the name of his brother-in-law Michael Steele, who is running for the Senate in Maryland, following his news conference in Cleveland, Ohio, October 16, 2006. Tyson is scheduled for a four-round exhibition bout in Youngstown, Ohio on October 20. REUTERS/Ron Kuntz (UNITED STATES)

I don’t care if Mike Tyson is your brother-in-law, he’s a flipping ear-muncher, rapist and head case. What an endorsement. And Steele even said this (don’t fall off of your chair):

“Let me tell you about Mike Tyson,” Steele said. “He is one of the most engaging and smartest guys I have ever had a chance to go toe to toe with in a debate.”

But wait, there’s more…

At a news conference at an Italian restaurant, Tyson said he would likely go just four rounds and that future stops on the tour might include bouts with women, possibly professional boxer Ann Wolfe.

…When asked if he was joking about fighting women, Tyson said, “I’m very serious.”

…The man who vowed to eat Lennox Lewis’ children and bit off a piece of Evander Holyfield’s ear has said he’s in no mood for a comeback.

But wait, there’s even more…why stop at Tyson — Steele scored promoter Don King to campaign for him:

“Yeah, Michael Steele, y’all, the next United States senator of the great state of Maryland,” King bellowed as he descended the stairs of the Republican nominee’s big blue campaign bus and set foot on Pennsylvania Avenue. “He cares about Jesus.”

…King, 75, served about four years in prison for manslaughter for stomping a man to death in 1966, according to news reports. In 1954, he shot another man – King said the victim was a burglar – and was acquitted.

“He is brilliant, charismatic, hardworking and totally amoral,” said Thomas Hauser, author and lead writer for the boxing Web site Secondsout.

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Pam Spaulding