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Michael Sandy's killers charged with murder

You can’t take that for granted when a gay man dies at the hands of thugs. Michael Sandy was beaten and chased into an oncoming vehicle by men who used a chat room to lure Sandy to the location in Brooklyn where he was assaulted. (365gay):

John Fox, 19, and Ilya Shurov, 20, were formally indicted late Monday on second degree murder charges. They are also charged with second degree manslaughter, assault and robbery as hate crimes. The third suspect, Gary Timmins, 16 is charged with assault and robbery as hate crimes. His charges could be upgraded to include murder a police spokesperson said.

A fourth man man accused of being an accomplice is cooperating with police and reportedly led investigators to the other three.

…Police allege that Sandy arranged to meet Fox on a street corner in Sheepshead Bay. The two then drove the short distance to the beach where the other three were waiting.

When the gang began beating him Sandy bolted for the nearby Belt Parkway with his attackers in close pursuit. They caught up with him in one lane of the highway and as Sandy broke free he was struck by a car, sustaining massive injuries.

The attackers were last seen rifling through Sandy’s pockets before fleeing. The car did not stop and police earlier this week appealed for the driver to come forward.

Andre Duque has pictures of the City Hall rally held yesterday (h/t Keith).

Jasmyne Cannick notices that HRC and NGLTF have failed to issue a single press release about Sandy.

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