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Feels Like The First Time

Okay the video above is not me but I will not make the claim that I have never done that.

Howie announced earlier that this is $5 day at the Lake.  I don't know what kind of victories we will be able to take part in on November 7 but I do feel like change is in the air and I want as many people to feel like they participated in that process as possible.

Our Blue America page isn't cynically about only backing people who look like they can win regardless of where they stand, it's about supporting progressive values.  Building party identity.  Making a statement about getting behind the people who care about what we care about.  And when Howie Klein started his Blue America column only a few short months ago, the horizon looked nothing like what it does today.  The candidates whose names are in the headlines like Charlie Brown, Jay Fawcett, John Laesch and Victoria Wulsin are old friends of FDL and we can say we were with them long before the party establishment even started returning their calls. 

We took the stand to be in it for the long haul with them, and when they sit on Hardball one day and Chris Matthews turns to them and says something snide about the dirty unwashed urchins of the nutroots they are probably not going to need to rely on David Broder or Bobo Brooks for their responses.  Their first-hand experience will trump slavish DC wisdom.

So here's an invitation to de-lurk. We get tens of thousands of people each day on the blog who never leave a comment. So hit the Blue America link, give $5 to one of the candidates or to our Blue America PAC, and let us know who you are and why you chose who you did.  Make one small act for change.

We promise not to make anybody sing. 

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Jane Hamsher

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