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Blue America: A Huge Thank You To Everyone!

Still no debate for Robert Rodriguez and Howard "Cluck" McKeon in the CA-25.  But we did get some footage of the encouragement that McKeon has been given by a certain Rodriguez supporter that doesn't lay an egg.  (So to speak…I feel so punaise.)

Thought everyone would appreciate starting the day with a bit of a giggle.  As TRex says, "every party needs a chicken."

Another of our Blue America candidates, Victoria Wulsin who is running against Mean Jean Schmidt in the OH-2, got some great press coverage the other night on the evening news on WKRC…for a certain YouTube advertisement that Howie and TommyYum and all the rest of us helped get online.  This is something that you guys did — so give yourself a huge pat on the back, each and every one of you.  (You can watch video of the newscast here, but you have to forward through the first part of the broadcast — the Wulsin piece comes on right after the penguin commercial.)

You helped Rick Penberthy — running for the FL-5 — to buy just over 10,000 postcards to mail out across his district.  It was a huge boost to his campaign — and you deserve some serious thanks for that!

There are so many more examples — too many to list individually — but every little bit that everyone has done is so helpful.

Howie Klein has done a phenomenal job with Blue America from its inception, and deserves an enormous round of applause for the huge amount of time that it takes for him to vet our candidates, do the interviews, and set up our schedule of chats. 

But look at the payoff:  our Blue America candidates are doing a fantastic job of taking back America, all the while promoting progressive values and standing up for the best that this nation can be.  Just take a peek at the names on the Blue America list — how little chance some of them were given at the start of this campaign season — and how far all of them have been able to go, with a little bit of support and seed money from all of you. 

A lot of these candidates were not getting support from the typical Democratic establishment — but they did get a hand from you, and look where that has taken them now!  Bravo — to the candidates, and to every single one of our readers.

Each week — on Wednesdays and Saturdays — so many of our readers show up to chat with these candidates, and to give them support, through both encouragement and financial contributions.  I can't tell you how much that has meant to each and every candidate we have featured — and to all of us at FDL.  We get appreciative notes from the campaigns for your involvement, so consider this your note from all of them as well.  Thank you, more than any of you can ever know, for helping us, for helping Blue America, and for helping our nation.

Please, give yourselves a hand this morning.  Well done!  Whatever gets tallied up as a win in the Democratic column in November, you can say to yourself that you had a part in it — it is because of all of your work that any of this is possible.  So, thank you.  Now get up, get out there, and get out the vote!

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Christy Hardin Smith

Christy Hardin Smith

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