I think, therefore I’m fabulous

Earlier today I found the phrase “Lieberman leftist” over in the comments at Ann Althouse (which are almost as dreary as reading Ann), and as much as I wanted to run and play with that, this comment from La Shawn Barber was a brighter and shinier toy than I could have ever hoped for. Enjoy:

I received a few e-mails from Christians who consider themselves homosexuals.

I know people who consider themselves patriotic or charitable or even a “people person”, but when someone tell me that they are a homosexual I usually take their word for it. It’s not like admitting to teh gay gets you free pie at Coco’s. Not that the Doughy Pantload hasn’t given it a shot…

(Added) Blogger is up to its old tricks and is slower than Dan Riehl after two Zimas…so I’m outta here tonight. You’re on your own. Go have sex or something.

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