Go forth and multiply…eh, not so fast there, Firecracker Girl.

Michelle Malkin invites us to celebrate 300 million Americans by linking to Tim Blair’s tribute to Americans of all colors …if your rainbow is made up of white, off-white, pasty-white, pinkish, and vanilla latte. She then links to Mark Steyn’s book where he complains that people of her hue are having too many babies and that he’s not getting enough ass although he does have some odd notions about breedin’ stock:

There’s nothing wrong with old folks: speaking for myself, if I’m at some soiree, I’d much rather Doris Day provided the evening’s musical entertainment than the latest caterwauling gangsta rapper; I’d rather date Debbie Reynolds than Angelina Jolie.

Old enough to join AARP; old enough to date Mark.

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