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Turncoat Joe Hearts John Bolton


Uh.  Mah.  Gawd.

Is there any Democratic position or principle that Joe Lieberman will not sell out for his own personal power grab?  Honestly, any at all?  Because today's NYDailyNews has an interview with Turncoat Joe wherein he jumps on the John Bolton bandwagon.

Connecticut Sen. Joseph Lieberman yesterday endorsed controversial Bush appointee John Bolton for a permanent slot at the United Nations – putting him at odds once again with Democrats, including his Senate colleague Chris Dodd. Dodd (D-Conn.) is the leading critic of Bolton, the controversial envoy President Bush sent to the UN on a temporary ambassadorship after Democrats and some key Republicans balked at nominating him.

"I see no reason not to be for Bolton," Lieberman told a meeting of the Daily News Editorial Board.

"Based on his capabilities – and now based on his performance – I believe Bolton is well-qualified," he said.

"I think he's been a good negotiator and a good spokesman. He deserves to have a vote. I think he deserves to be confirmed."

Yesterday's debate must have terrified Turncoat Joe — Alan Schlesinger refused to be Karl's roll-over boy, and told Joe off in front of the cameras and everyone. 

And so Turncoat Joe runs frantically to the NYDailyNews shore up the conservative Jewish and/or neocon vote and Republican campaign cash flow, because supporting Bolton is one of those desperation moves that…well, it just screams of courting the crazy vlog gal demographic, doesn't it? 

Considering the efforts that the Bush White House put into reach out to conservatives on Bolton's behalf, and all of the substantial work that it took on the part of Democrats — led by Sen. Chris Dodd — to beat that back and prevent Dick Cheney's hand-picked boy Bolton from being handed a plum reward position he does not deserve…in comes Turncoat Joe, stepping up to the plate for Bolton in yet another F-U to the Democratic Party.

Joe Lieberman is a backstabbing turncoat, who stands for his own ego and George Bush's agenda.  It is high time for a change from this sort of stale "politics for my own ego" malarky that Joe stands for — for Connecticut and for America.  Go Ned Lamont — a real Democrat, and a breath of fresh air.  Because I have had more than enough.

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Christy Hardin Smith

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