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Thomasville, NC City Council passes 'marriage protection' resolution 5-1

As expected, last night the wingnuts of the Thomasville City Council approved a resolution to urge our state’s General Assembly to debate and pass a marriage amendment.

The NC Advocacy Coalition‘s Matt Hill Comer was in attendance at the meeting, and reports that five people (including Matt) stepped up during the public portion of the hearing to express their view that the resolution not pass because it promotes discrimination.

One Thomasville resident who stepped up, Barney Hill, a self-described “heterosexual Baptist,” said this against the measure:

I hope it’s legal for a heterosexual Baptist to be against this because I am… I speak in opposition of [the resolution]…Miss [Marie] Culbreth [City Council, Ward 2] had this one nailed: It is nothing more than a scheme to hijack the North Carolina Constitution to make a political statement about sexual preferences. I already sat through this movie one time. The resolution in front of you tonight differs in two ways from the one the County Commissioners rejected: number one, it’s more long winded and number two, it doesn’t say what it really means. I can excuse verbosity, but not dishonesty.

I’m 56 years old and single for all that time. I don’t want to marry a man and I don’t want to marry a woman, I’m already married to a leaky roof the size of Texas… and I’d like to be married to enough money to get it fixed, but I don’t look to government for my salvation. I recommend for marriage…that it be divorced from government and that it be taken out of politics…If the secular were separated from the sacred, the demagogues would have to find a new hobby horse.

Say it, brother.

Speaking in favor of the resolution was Reverend Ron Baity of Berean Baptist Church in Winston-Salem, NC. He has taken this little road show around the state, attempting to get other local bodies to pass measures of this type to put pressure on the state legislature. As I’ve said before on the Blend, NC is the only southern state not to pass a marriage amendment (they’ve all died in committee). But Baity soldiers on…

This Constitutional amendment that we’re talking about this evening is necessary to give the people of North Carolina an opportunity to decide on marriage. Every major issue in our country – prayer, the bible…prayer at ball games, Roe v. Wade – all of those issues have been settled and ruled upon by the Judiciary. We believe that its time that the people of this country have the opportunity to make the final decision…

We are asking the state of North Carolina to allow the people of this state the opportunity to decide what marriage is and we don’t think that’s asking too much. We think that the judiciary has made too many of these decisions for too long and that its time that the General Assembly to allow the people of the state of North Carolina to make that decision. I’m amazed how often it is said we have hate speech. That is not what we have.

The truth of the matter is the Lord Jesus Christ said marriage was between one man and one woman… You can’t make anything else out of that. God had an urban renewal program for Sodom and Gomorrah because they were caught up in that, but that’s not the issue here this evening. The issue this evening is to allow the people of North Carolina the freedom to vote on what marriage really is and what it consists of… We believe it is time the legislators of the state of North Carolina allow the people of North Carolina the opportunity to decide what marriage is. Thank you.

When the vote was held, all of the council members (save the sole woman serving, Mrs. Maria Culbreth) voted for the measure.

Matt said that this received great coverage, including The Winston-Salem Journal and WFMY News 2.

Read more at The NC Advocacy Coalition site or Matt Hill Comer‘s blog.

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