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More pages and more charges — and it's not Foley

“It was about other allegations and I’d like to leave it at that…Let me just say, not about Mr. Foley. It’s only been allegations.”
— Rep. Dale Kildee (D-MI), the sole Dem on the page board about new charges involving other members of Congress and improper conduct toward teen pages

Perhaps another shoe is about to drop, or more accurately another nail is about to be hammered into the GOP coffin. (AP):

Rep. Dale Kildee, the only Democrat on the House Page Board, would not elaborate on whether the discussion involved lawmakers. He said, however, that none of the allegations discussed have been proven.

Kildee testified Monday on the Foley matter before the congressional ethics committee as it continued to investigate Republican leaders’ responses to the sex scandal that has marred the party’s prospects just three weeks before nationwide elections.

…Kildee has said previously, and repeated again after his testimony, that he was not informed about Foley’s e-mails and instant messages to former male pages until the scandal became public in late September. Kildee is the lone Democrat on the Page Board.

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