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Little Bo Peep And Lieberman’s Sheep


I really don't know why Harry Reid and other Democratic leaders aren't more offended just on general principle by Joe Lieberman smacking them around and publicly humiliating them on a daily basis, but you think they'd at least take objection to the image of whiny, petulant, self-centered spinelessness that he projects on behalf of Democrats:

Sen. Joe Lieberman, running as an independent after losing the Democratic primary, said Tuesday he hoped Democrats seize control of Congress — with one caveat: a Democratic-led Congress, he said, must change its ways.

''It won't represent progress that's real,'' Lieberman told reporters while stopping at a transportation forum in New Haven. ''It's not going to be much of a step forward if there's a new Democratic leadership that doesn't change the tone in Washington.''

As recently as Friday, Lieberman, a lifelong Democrat who was his party's nominee for vice president in 2000, would not say whether he thinks the nation would be better off with the Democrats in control of Congress.

I don't much like using the word "pussy" to describe this phenomenon but I really don't know a better word that connotes the sheer wimp factor of a supposed Senate and party leader who not only allows himself to be repeatedly bitchslapped without retort by lil' whiny Joe, but then lets his staff members write letters defending Joe Lieberman's indefensible record of not delivering for Connecticut.  I say this fully expecting an attack of the PC police in the comments section but if there is an equally descriptive term maybe you could let me — or Harry himself — know.

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Jane Hamsher

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