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This just in from the AP (via MSNBC):  the verdict in Saddam Hussein's trial will be issued on November 5th, when his sentence will also be rendered.  Wow, what a coincidence that this date is so close to American elections, eh?  Who could have predicted something like that. 

But wait, here's the part that made me go, "hmmmmmm:"

That trial adjourned July 27 to allow its five-judge panel to consider a verdict. The court was to have reconvened Monday to hear a verdict.

"The Dujail trial will resume Nov. 5 when the presiding judge will announce the verdict and the sentencing," Juhi said.

Gee, I wonder why the delay?  Security concerns due to the increasing violence in Iraq?   (Despite Nedra Pickler's steno articles to the contrary, things are not going swimmingly at the moment.)  Or that the UK wants out of Iraq, and soon?  Any other possible reasons they would push off the sentencing hearing until just before the date of the US elections?  Hmmmm…

(H/T to Peterr for the spot on this article.)

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