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NC Rethugs promise to roll back gay-inclusive anti-discrimination law if elected

Three progressives on the Charlotte-Meckenburg (NC) County Commissioners are up for re-election, and they are fighting wingnuts who intend to turn back the clock if the Republicans gain control.

Jennifer Roberts, Parks Helms and Wilhelmenia Rembert hope to retain their seats on election day. Roberts intends to present and discuss adding domestic partnership benefits after re-election. This has further incensed the right wing.

The Republicans have promised that one of the first matters they will attend to is to remove sexual orientation from the county human rights ordinance, effectively rolling back time in CharMeck County to reflect their bigoted values.

The of the Republican candidates are mounting TV ad campaigns — Jim Puckett and Dan Ramirez. This is how serious they are — the homo card gets played right away. Look at this ad:

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If the Dems lose control, the man who would be chair is none other than the anally-fixated homophobe Bill James. Long-time Blenders know Bill James well. He is an egomaniac fixated on gay sex acts instead of the people’s business.

Last year, James, who has appeared on Hannity and Colmes, sent out an incredible, sick and obsessive email — brazenly in his capacity as County Commissioner. Read and weep that this is a public official who ran unopposed in his district.

From: Commissioner Bill James
To: =emails deleted=
Sent: Friday, April 29, 2005 8:56 AM
Subject: Perversity is not diversity

You really think that a pool of people (homosexuals) where 45% of them eat feces from the rear end of another male is “normal”? If you do, you are frankly nuts.

A lifestyle where one of their past times is buying gerbils and hamsters from the pet store and cramming them up their rears in an activity called feltching? A group of people who like to urinate on their partners and call them “golden showers”? Where one of the honored members of the Gay Alliance is an organization called the “Man-Boy Love Association” that promotes sex with underage boys?

That behavior is worthy of protection? That behavior is worthy to be taught in our schools? to our children? You are one sick “Independent, white, married-heterosexual, presbyterian” if you do…

Commissioner Bill James
Mecklenburg County Board of Commissioners
Matthews, North Carolina


Or this gem:

From: “Commissioner Bill James”
Subject: RE: doing god’s work
Date: Mon, 16 May 2005 16:30:59 -0400

All the GOP are opposing it. Perversity is not diversity. You can try and re-define the Bible all you want. Fake Christians are good that way.

The Bible condemns it and clearly says that unrepentant homo’s are going to Hell.

That is the kind of Christian I am. One that understands the Bible, knows what it says and believes it. I will not support or endorse Sodomy. Period.

Bottom line (a term homo’s seem to “understand”). The Democrats promotion of sodomy and other perverse activities including “gay marriage” will be used against them in the next elections.

You can see why it is important that Roberts, Helms and Rembert need to be re-elected, since Puckett, McGarry and Ramirez share Bill James’s “conservative values.” Someone has to counter this insanity.

Check out Jennifer Roberts’ video on equality and justice and the progressive, inclusive work the CharMeck board has accomplished during her term. More power to these incumbents.

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