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Kiss Float Rides Again

Ned Lamont, Alan Schlessinger and Joe Lieberman's ego were not the only ones in attendance at today's debate.  You wanted it…you asked for it…the Kiss Float returns!

The fabulous Kiss Float, the iconographic image of the CT Senate race if not the entire November election, is on the road once again.  Spazeboy brings us the video as it comes out of storage to the delight of residents across the state of Connecticut.

For more recap of the debate from others in attendance, please visit:

My Left Nutmeg
CTBob (the artist formerly known as Bob Adams and the wonderful Kirby)
CTBlogger (should have video up soon)  

We hear tell that there are some adventures the Kiss Float would like to make but so far they are running at quite a deficit, so Mom (whom we assume is somehow associated with Dad, the artist who created the float) is asking for PayPal donations over at My Left Nutmeg.  I just made one myself — the idea of Ed and Keith on the road again with the Kiss Float in the final days of the campaign just brings joy to my day. 

And you can watch Ned's closing statements at Crooks & Liars .  He looked very much the US Senator standing their next to petulant Joe Loserman. 

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