Die for me

Taken from Digby, Christopher Hitchens:

T. CARLSON: Yes, but I think—the question—you don‘t want—if you‘re in the position of—if it is, you know, your job to send people off to go die, you want to make certain that their deaths are in the service of something worth attaining, that it‘s, you know, a wise use of their lives, basically.

HITCHENS: That‘s not—that‘s not—that is a decision not to be taken by generals, however. I‘m a voter. I can make that decision, and I‘m asked to.

The extraordinary thing is that the British have lost a very, very small number of people in Iraq and have gained a great deal of experience, it might be said, and have also done rather well in the Shia areas of the south…

Good lord, yes. You chose to go onto the military in order to protect your country and if some brain-damaged drunken misanthrope wants you to walk into the valley of the shadow of death…yours is not to reason why.

I think Hitch just discovered the cure for Army Strong.

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