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Say Bye-Bye, Karl


Kevin Drum on the new NYT article/chart :

The theory behind it, I guess, is that the political climate when you're age 20 affects your party preference for your entire life. The hypothesis would go something like this: popular presidents produce a swing among 20-year-olds to their own party, and unpopular ones produce a swing in the other direction.


It looks to me like the Christian right's social neanderthalism is causing the Republican Party to lose a generation forever.

I came of age politically during Carter/Reagan, and I remember walking around muttering "Ronald Reagan is the devil" like that was as bad as it could get.   Little did I know the plans others were laying to compete for that title at that very moment.  Here's hoping that BushCo. has so radicalized a whole generation that they are willing to stand up and say "never again" for decades to come.

How about you?

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Jane Hamsher

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