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Minnesota homobigot Michele Bachmann: 'God called me to run for congress'

Minnesota Republican congressional candidate Michele Bachmann must be drinking the same Kool-Aid that Katherine Harris is tossing back. Dump Michele Bachmann has video of her delusional rantings at the Living Word Christian Center in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota.

She said that she fasted and prayed over her decision to run, btw.


“He created the male and female and he brought them together and that’s what marriage will be…In the midst of that calling to me, God then called me to run for congress…In the midst of him making this calling sure, what’s occured in this particular race is that this congresssional seat – one of 435 in the country – has become one of the top 5 races in the country and in the last week has become one of the top three races in the country and you may have seen now God has in his own will and in his own plan has focused like a laser beam after this scandal that came up about a week or so ago he has focused like a laser beam with his reasoning on this race.

As unhinged as this appearance is, Andy of Eleventh Avenue South pointed out a much bigger problem with the event at this church, run by Pastor Mac Hammond.

Churches that are tax exempt and file as a 501(c)3 organization are subject to most of the same rules that all other 501(c)3 nonprofits are subject to concerning political involvement: you must not show support for a candidate or political party. Just bringing a candidate for election to speak is risky business for nonprofits and churches. The best way to avoid the appearance of endorsement is to invite all candidates to the event or series of events. Equal time should be paid to all candidates to ensure implicit or explicit endorsement doesn’t occur. Bachmann’s opponents told me that they were not aware of any invites from Living Word having been sent to their campaigns.

If a church or nonprofit does only invite one candidate to speak, the individual speaks only in a non-candidate capacity, and should not be referred to as a candidate for office.

Here are the IRS guidelines:

The church or religious organization must ensure that: Neither the individual nor any representative of the church makes any mention of his or her candidacy or the election, and no campaign activity occurs in connection with the candidate’s attendance. In addition, the church or religious organization should clearly indicate the capacity in which the candidate is appearing and should not mention the individual’s political candidacy or the upcoming election in the communications announcing the candidate’s attendance at the event.

Oops. As you saw above, Michele speaks at length about her candidacy in that video. But that’s not all. Pastor Mac does the unthinkable in a bible-based IRS blunder — he actually endorses Michele in his introduction.

Michele Bachmann is with us and I’m going to ask her to come in in just a moment, and of course many of you know Michele, know of her pursuit of the United States Senate seat vacated by Mark Kennedy or Congressional seat vacated by Mark Kennedy’s run for a United States Senate seat. Keeping all this straight gets to be challenging. But ya know we can’t publicly endorse as a church and would not for any candidate but I can tell you personally that I’m going to vote for Michele Bachmann, because I’ve come to know her, what she stands for, and I want her to share her testimony with you tonight. Would you give her a warm welcome as she comes to share?

Go to Andy’s pad for more detail. Someone needs to put the IRS on this pastor’s posterior.


Marilyn Musgrave gets trounced at candidate forum

Michele’s role model, the execrable FMA author Marilyn Musgrave of Colorado, is currently about 10 points ahead in her race against spunky Angie Paccione. Musgrave is still getting hammered at debates and deserves to go down hard. This woman has said that banning gay marriage is the most important issue facing the country today.

Angie needs to pull this one off. See her blast Musgrave in this video (Marilyn was in the audience, h/t Andy K.). They both appeared at the Longmont Candidates Showcase and while the camera is trained on Musgrave throughout this other YouTube video, look at her face and listen to the audience response to Paccione’s speech:


From coverage of the event:

“Do you think our country is on the right track, or do you think we need a new direction?” said Paccione, the Democrat who’s challenging Republican incumbent Musgrave in the 4th Congressional District, as her supporters in the crowd cheered.

Paccione then connected budget deficits, a growing national debt and even the congressional page scandal surrounding former U.S. Rep. Mark Foley to Musgrave and her fellow Republicans. “Marilyn is listed as one of the 13 most corrupt members of Congress…”If you want to change Congress, you have to change the people you send to Congress,” Paccione said.

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