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Kenny to surface on 'Late Edition'

Where is Ken Mehlman?

It looks like the hard-to-find RNC head is finally going to come out of hiding and appear on CNN’s Late Edition on Sunday.

Do you think Ken’s going to answer any questions about the Foley matter, or discuss how Mehlman manipulated the Office of Faith Based Initiatives for political gain, a charge leveled by the former #2 guy, David Kuo in his new book:

Kuo alleges that then-White House political affairs director Ken Mehlman knowingly participated in a scheme to use the office, and taxpayer funds, to mount ostensibly “nonpartisan” events that were, in reality, designed with the intent of mobilizing religious voters in 20 targeted races.

According to Kuo, “Ken loved the idea and gave us our marching orders.”

Among those marching orders, Kuo says, was Mehlman’s mandate to conceal the true nature of the events.

Kuo quotes Mehlman as saying, “…(I)t can’t come from the campaigns. That would make it look too political. It needs to come from the congressional offices. We’ll take care of that by having our guys call the office [of faith-based initiatives] to request the visit.”

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding