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NC gay and lesbian PAC urges city council to vote down call for a marriage amendment

The North Carolina Advocacy Coalition (NCAC) calls for the Thomasville City Council to vote “No” on a proposed resolution urging Tar Heel state legislators to amend the constitution to prevent marriage equality.

The City Council will meet on Monday to vote on the resolution, which is being presented by Councilmembers Dwight Cornelison and Raleigh York, Jr. The familiar language is all there. (NCAC):

The resolution, in part, reads: “the undersigned members of the Thomasville City Council ask the North Carolina General Assembly to allow the citizens of our state…the opportunity to amend our State Constitution to protect the institution of marriage in the state of North Carolina and define the type of marriage to be recognized as valid in our state.”

The resolution is being pushed and backed by the Reverend Ron Baity, pastor of Berean Baptist Church in Winston-Salem, NC. Baity was also involved in pushing a similar resolution which failed in a 4-3 vote by the Davidson County Board of Commissioners last year.

This resolution calls for voting on an amendment that is pure discrimination directed squarely at gay and lesbian citizens of North Carolina” stated NCAC Executive Director Matt Hill Comer, “Other than writing discrimination into our precious state Constitution and discriminating against thousands of its citizens, there are more important issues to be dealt with by state and local legislators.”

No kidding. Matt and I were talking about the issue at the ConvergeSouth Aycock Barbecue last night. Cornelison and York need to spend more time urging the legislature to address issues people really care about in this state — health care, drop-out rates, the spiraling costs of higher education (and maintaining the quality of our university system). These councilmembers have warped priorities — they seek to demonize taxpaying citizens who contribute to the local and state economy. If they cannot properly lead, then they need to step aside and let better-qualified citizens with better judgment to step forward to run the show.

NCAC will attend at the Thomasville City Council meeting during the public comment portion of the agenda. More information on NCAC is available at its web site. Support the good work of NCAC, which focuses on the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people and their allied supporters. and motivates young people to work at the local level for change.

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