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Gerry Studds, involved in earlier page scandal, dies

Former Rep. Gerry Studds, 69, died today in Boston, Massachusetts. His name has been invoked recently because of Foleygate. Studds was sexually involved with a male page in the 70s; when it came to light in 1983, he was censured by the House, went before the voters — and was re-elected to five more terms. (NYT):

In 1983, Studds acknowledged his homosexuality after a 27-year-old man disclosed that he and Studds had had a sexual relationship a decade earlier when the man was a teenage congressional page.

The House of Representatives censured Studds, who then went home to face his constituents in a series of public meetings.

At the time, Studds called the relationship with the teenage page, which included a trip to Europe, ”a very serious error in judgment.” But he did not apologize and defended the relationship as a consensual relationship with a young adult. The former page later appeared publicly with Studds in support of him.

PageOneQ made note of Studds’ accurate observation about the Hill back in 1993.

…Speaking at the 1993 March On Washington for gay rights, Studds turned to the crowd of almost one million people, pointed back at the Capitol behind him, and urged every gay person inside to come out and be open and honest about who they are. If they stood up and walked out, he told the crowd, the work of the government would stop.

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