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George Bush, fashion critic

Does the man have anything better to do than pick on people in the press corps who don’t wear designer suits? Apparently not. I supposed we should be relieved that he’s paying attention to something. Or maybe these are just tired pick-up lines on his part. Who knows. (LAT):

Even as he talked about North Korea’s nuclear ambitions and other weighty matters, President Bush on Wednesday returned to his occasional role as fashion critic to the White House press corps.

If I might say, that is a beautiful suitâ€?. And I can’t see anybody else that even comes close,” the president told NBC’s Kevin Corke, who was wearing pinstripes, in the course of a Rose Garden news conference that focused on North Korea-related diplomacy and the Iraq war. Corke responded that he would convey the president’s comments to his tailor.

…By the time Bush called on Jim Axelrod of CBS, the reporter felt compelled to start with a defensive comment: “My best suit’s in the cleaners,” Axelrod explained to the president. “That’s not even a suit,” Bush retorted, eyeing Axelrod’s sport coat and slacks.

Bush, who has suits made by Georges de Paris, the tailor to presidents since Lyndon Johnson’s time, has teased reporters about their appearance in the past. In June, he poked fun at CNN’s David Gregory for his loud pocket scarf. “Gregory, fine-looking scarf — not scarf, what do you call that thing?” said Bush. “It’s strong.”

In August, while discussing the war in Lebanon, Bush took note of a suit worn by Ken Herman of Cox Newspapers, saying: “By the way, seersucker is coming back.” Later in the news conference, Bush again referred to the suit, calling it “that just ridiculous-looking outfit.”

Asked about the president’s commentary, White House Deputy Press Secretary Dana Perino called Bush “a personable man,” saying that “although he’s president and that’s a serious job, he does like to reach out to others in friendly ways.”

Speaking of designer suits, Charles in the comments brought up the infamous lump on Bush’s back during the debate with Kerry that was first explained away as a “bad tailoring“:

I guess we can add this to the list of ways Dear Leader brings a touch of class to each and every occasion…

“Joking” with the German Chancellor Angela Merkel. There’s video as well.

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