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According to the NYT, things appear pretty good for the Dems:

Voter intensity is a critical element in politics, especially in midterm elections, when Americans’ interest and turnout are typically much lower than in a presidential election year. Pollsters say enthusiasm among Democrats is particularly high this year — significantly higher, by several important measures, than the intensity of Republicans.

Republican strategists counter that they can compensate for any gap in enthusiasm with their legendary get-out-the-vote operation. The party has built its electoral success in the last two elections on identifying and producing nearly every obtainable Republican vote at the polls; this time may be more challenging, they say, but no different.

“I do think our base is coming together and will be coming together later, but four weeks is an eternity in this business,” said Representative Tom Cole, an Oklahoma Republican and longtime party strategist.

Looks like this year God is speaking to the fundies through Mark Foley.  He's saying "do not defile thyself in the voting booths of Mammon. Stay home, order thyself a pizza." 

But before anyone starts counting chickens, you might want to think about this and consider volunteering for local GOTV efforts.  

Is it time to bomb Iran yet? 

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