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…And We Have A Winner!


Howie Klein has announced that the winner in today's Blue America contest is Charlie Brown, who won by a hair over David Roth.

We'll be using the Blue America PAC funds to run "Have You Had Enough" radio spot in Charlie's district (this ought to make FDLer Nate, who moved from Hawaii to work on Charlie's campaign, awfully happy — I think he was a big inspiration to everyone).  Also, many thanks to Aeolus who contributed $5000 so we could run ads for John Laesch in his race against Dennis Hastert.  It's been an amazing project and many, many thanks to the folks who have given so generously to make it a success.

And thanks to Howie, who works his proverbial fingers to the bone to make it all happen.  Howie, you're a treasure.

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Jane Hamsher

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