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As someone who comes from a business background, I find this Oh So Amusing.  The Free Enterprise Fund is now heavily bankrolling Joe LIEberman.  And who would they be?

Free Enterprise Fund is a free market advocacy group founded by Stephen Moore… Free Enterprise Fund is an "action" think tank on fiscal issues, but also uses some of its energies and funds to counter the efforts of those who oppose their cause (see Ronnie Earl and campaigns).

Stephen Moore.  Former head of the Club for Growth.  The ones who were trying to knock off Lincoln Chafee because he was a big tax'n'spend kinda guy, right?  Because they're all about low taxes, they're anti-government spending with a passion, yes?  True "movement conservatives."

Let's have us a look-see at the latest available rankings from the National Taxpayers Union of US Senators.  Lincoln Chafee earns himself a C- with a score of 49%.  Based on that, the Club for Growth launched a full-on jihad against Chafee that almost succeeded in seeing him beaten in the primary by Steve Laffey, had not the NRSC pulled big resources out of key battleground states like Tennessee, Ohio and Missouri (where GOP candidates are now fighting for their lives — and ironicaly the NRSC has pretty much given up on Rhode Island).

And where does GOP Joe stand with regard to the NTU rankings?  He earns himself an "F", with a 14% rating.  Lincoln Chafee is practically Grover Norquist next to Lieberman when it comes to respecting the values that the Club for Growth purports to uphold.

Meanwhile, the Republican anti-tax candidate, Alan Schlessinger, languishes with no GOP support whatsoever.  I tried to ask the question the other day as to how the anti-tax'n'spend crowd could sit by and watch the GOP sabotage a true fiscal conservative like Schlessinger in favor of a guy Brent Bozell called "one of the biggest spenders in Congress" and got no satisfying answer.  The plain and simple truth of the matter is that in supporting Joe, who openly brags about the earmarks he has bagged for Connecticut, Stephen Moore and those who profess to be for smaller government and lower taxes are simply banging that drum in the service of authoritarian cultism, and they will gladly abandon that — and any other principle whatsoever —  when Karl Rove snaps his fingers.

But as Digby has long argued — what else is new

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Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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