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O'Reilly: Dem majority means the end of Christmas

My we’re starting this early, Bill. He’s right up there with Don Wildmon prepping early for saving the “Christ” in Christmas by claiming a secular conspiracy to attack religious freedom will result if the Dems gain control of Congress. He was on Faux’s “Your World with Neil Cavato” (via Raw Story):


Secular progressives, O’Reilly claims, want “No more Christmas, no pledge of allegiance to God. No more Christmas – ‘this is pulling us down, because it’s too judgmental.'”

Somehow, I’m not sure what’s to save at this point, considering how crass and commercialized the holiday has become, it has so little to do with the baby Jeebus that these faux Christians throwing their hands up in the air and bleating sounds shrill and ridiculous.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding