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“I believe it’s from the pit of hell itself, that this movement is inspired, that it has a satanic anointing…The civil rights movement was inspired and given by the Holy Spirit, birthed in the church and bathed in prayer…But the gay rights movement, I believe, was birthed and inspired by the Antichrist.”
— Rev. Dwight McKissic of Cornerstone Baptist Church in Arlington, Texas, on The Homosexual Agenda at FRC’s last wingnut gathering, the “Values Voter Summit”

With the “Liberty Sunday” event coming up this weekend, the religious liberty watchdog group Americans United, reminds us of the kind of drivel we’re likely to hear at this Tony Perkins event. This is the gathering that will feature welcomes from Mitt Romney (via tape) and his wife.

Rev. Barry W. Lynn, AU’s executive director, sees these events as a perversion of faith.

“This event is not about liberty,” said Lynn. “The religious right’s crusade is designed to curtail liberty, not expand it. It’s sad to see an entire event built around fear-mongering and hatred — especially in Christian churches.

“What’s truly frightening is the extreme agenda of the religious right and its ongoing campaign to literally demonize an entire class of Americans,” Lynn continued. “That is disgraceful.”

One of the speakers slated to bloviate on Sunday is Wellington Boone, who will probably bleat away on how his religious freedom is being jeopardized by the homos.

Another speaker, the Rev. Wellington Boone, called gay people “sodomites” who, he said, “are really nasty about trying to stop us from taking away their perversion.”

Boone, of Norcross, Ga., went on to refer to gay men as “faggots” and “sissies.”

FRC President Tony Perkins and other religious right leaders insist that gay rights presents a threat to America’s houses of worship, but AU’s Lynn said this is nonsense.

“Perkins and his supporters love to frighten pastors with Halloween scare stories about how their churches will be forced to perform same-sex marriages or admit gays as members,” said Lynn. “All Americans know that the First Amendment protects against that ever happening. All congregations are guaranteed their free exercise of religion.”

At the Values Voter Summit, Boone touted a flyer, “The Rape of the Civil Rights Movement,” featuring details on how “sodomites” have co-opted the civil rights movement to “promote perversion.” He graced the Tar Heel state with his presence in support of a state marriage amendment bill (which, of course, went nowhere).

Boone was also one of the tokens selected to appear at Justice Sunday III:

Daddy Dobson, Dr. Alveda C. King, Bishop Wellington Boone (The Father’s House), Tony Perkins (Family Research Council), Rev. Herbert Lusk (Greater Exodus Baptist Church), Senator Little Ricky Santorum, Rev. Tinkywinky

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