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Homobashing in GA governor's race

Sonny Perdue — what a card he is. The Republican governor of Georgia, fighting for re-election, decided to toss the gay card at his Democratic opponent Lt. Gov. Mark Taylor saying that Taylor places “the interests of the radical homosexual lobby ahead of our Boy Scouts.”

What is Sonny talking about? In 2001, Taylor received kudos from the gay community for thwarting multiple attempts by wingnut legislators to pass bills designed to prohibit legal challenges to the ability of the Boy Scouts, which discriminates against gays, to meet in public facilities. (SoVo):

As lieutenant governor, Taylor had the final say on which bills made it to the Senate floor for a vote, and “adjourned the [Senate] session before the measure came to a vote,” according to a March 2001 Southern Voice report.

“Gay lobbyists praised Taylor’s actions, while the state legislator [state Rep. Earl Ehrhart (R-Powder Springs)] who initiated the bill accused Taylor of ‘placating the extremists in the homosexual lobby,” the article stated.

Taylor held the bill until the next session because of “constitutional and legal questions,” David Sutton, press secretary for the lieutenant governor, told Southern Voice at the time, citing an opinion from General Assembly legislative counsel Sewell Brumby.

That was all Perdue needed to send out a direct mailer with this message.

“When the Boy Scouts were being harassed by the radical homosexual lobby who wanted them ousted from public buildings, the ‘Defense of Scouting Act’ was introduced,” the direct-mail piece reads. “Instead of standing up for our values and our boys, Democrat Mark Taylor killed this important piece of legislation by refusing to even allow a vote in the state Senate.”

This is after Perdue said that he said there would be “no negative campaigning in the race.” Right.

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