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Another Papa Ratzi eruption

Pope graphic by Mike Tidmus

“May the Eternal One, our Father in heaven, bless every effort to eliminate from our world any misuse of religion as an excuse for hatred or violence.”
— the pedophile-enabling, gay-bashing Pontiff, to a delegation of the Anti-Defamation League

Is he really that oblivious to the hypocrisy of his statements? Can anyone be this arrogant and dense? Oh, never mind…(AP):

The comments came a month after Benedict’s speech at a German university sparked anger in the Muslim world when he quoted a medieval text that characterized some of the Prophet Muhammad’s teachings as “evil and inhuman” and called Islam a religion spread by the sword.

Since the uproar over the speech – which has raised a cloud over his planned visit next month to predominantly Islamic Turkey – Benedict has expressed his regrets for offending Muslims.

He has stressed that the quote didn’t reflect his own opinion, saying his address was intended as an invitation to frank dialogue between religions.

H/t, Steve.

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