Army strong, but Mongo still just pawn in game of life…

As part of their campaign to recruit the not-really-the best and the most-definitely-not-the-brightest, the US Army has unleashed a new ad campaign called Army Strong because Army Of One was too wordy and included math. Needless to say, but I’ll say it anyway, the campaign is proving to be somewhat effective because the 101st Fighting Keyboarders are feeling a long forgotten stirring south of the beltline, if you know what I mean but wish you didn’t. Just check out the comments here.

I say ‘somewhat effective’, since there is no evidence that anyone is actually runnng out and signing up. Not that any of them could go more than a fast walk for two blocks before requiring a paramedic at worst or their asthma puffer in a best case scenario. But still the thought counts.

Well at least they think so…

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